Chevrolet / GMC Load Assist Tow Kits

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Item Code# Description Image
LOADASSIST30 Silverado/ Sierra 1500 2001-2006
LOADASSIST31 Silverado/ Sierra 2500-3500HD 2001-2006
LOADASSIST40 Colorado/Canyon 2x2
LOADASSIST41 CColorado/Canyon 4x4
LOADASSIST42 Silverado/Sierra 1500 2007-2014
LOADASSIST43 Silverado/Sierra 2500-2500 2010-2014
LOADASSIST46 Load assist kit - 2500-3500HD 2007-2010 Duramax
LOADASSIST47 Load assist kit - CK 2500-3500 1988-1999
LOADASSIST62 Load assist kit - Duramax 2007-2010 3 or more lifted uses triple bags

Key Benefits

  • Enable vehicles to cope with uneven or heavy loads
  • Keeps vehicles level
  • Helps maintain control of loaded vehicles