Air Fittings

We manufacture high quality brass air fittings, most with nickel chrome finish. Our fittings have lipped internal seals to prevent leakage, not o-rings. BOSS push to connect fittings have a smooth release function. Pre primed threads suit lock-tight thread sealant. Maximum pressure tested 400psi. Working pressure 0~170psi. Sizes from x 1/8 through to x and anything in between.

*Air fittings are sold in Minimum Quantities of 500pc and pricing is much better than anyone else can go for the quality of air fittings we produce" please email us with the fittings you require and we will quote.

Item Code# Description Image

1/4 npt plug

FIT-1/8 PLUG  
FIT-1/2 PLUG  
FIT-3/4 PLUG  
FIT-3/8 PLUG 3/8 npt plug

3/8 npt brass silencers

1/2 npt brass silencers
Silencer Fitting

3/8" x 1/4" male reducer brass

1/2" male x 3/8" female reducer bushing
FIT-REDUCER 1/2*1/4  
FIT-REDUCER 1/2*1/8  
FIT-REDUCER 3/8*1/4  
FIT-REDUCER 3/8*1/8  
COM-MJBV-03-S Check valve 3/8" npt, prevents back flow to compressor when not in use, brass needle with steel seat, stainless steel return spring
FIT-PC1/4-N1UT 1/4tube x 1/8npt plastic
1/4tube x 1/4npt plastic
1/4tube x 3/8npt plastic
3/8tube x 1/8npt plastic
FIT-PC3/8-N2UT 3/8tube x 1/4npt plastic
FIT-PC3/8-N3UT 3/8tube x 3/8npt plastic
FIT-PC3/8-N4UT 3/8tube x 1/2npt plastic
1/2tube x 3/8npt plastic
FIT-PC1/2-N4UT 1/2tube x 1/2npt plastic
FIT-NO26 1/8

FIT-NO26 3/8
No 26 npt 1/8"brass hex socket

No 26 3/8" NPT brass hex socket
FIT-PL1/4N2UT 1/4 tube x 1/4 npt elbow

FIT-PL3/8N2UT 3/8" tube X 1/4 npt elbow
3/8" tube X 3/8 npt elbow
FIT-PC1/2-N3UT 1/2" tube X 3/8 npt elbow
FIT-PC1/2-N4UT 1/2" tube X 1/2 npt elbow
  1/4" female T

  1/4" female Y

  3/8" female T

  3/8" branch T

  1/2" female T

3/8" hex nipple

1/2" hex nipple


1/4"airline nylon tubing black D.O.T approved

3/8"airline nylon tubing black D.O.T approved

1/2"airline nylon tubing black D.O.T approved
MJBV-02-S 1/4" Check Valve
MJBV-03-S 3/8" Check Valve
MSL-B-03 3/8" Silencer
MSL-B-04 1/2" Silencer
MVHA-2P 1/8" Push Button Drain

Key Benefits

  • Quality brass air fittings
  • Lipped internal seals to prevent leakage
  • Push to connect fittings have smooth release function
  • Pre primed threads suit lock-tight thread sealant
  • Maximum pressure tested 400psi
  • Working pressure 0~170psi
  • Sizes from ¼ x 1/8 through to ½ x ½ and anything in between